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All of our mineral makeup is natural and hand-mixed. We offer mineral foundation, blush, mineral concealers and primers, finishing powders, shimmer, satin, and matte eye shadows, as well as mascara and lip products.

EcoGlo’s mineral makeup is a healthy alternative for flawless looking skin and with our collection of brushes, application is a breeze! With our all natural and long lasting mineral makeup, you will have cleaner, flawless looking skin and coverage that persists through the day. Our mineral makeup is super light and feels completely natural, and it will never clog your pores since it is free of oils, silicone and waxes! In fact, it contains some ingredients that actually help the negative effects of acne and rosacea.

Certified organic ingredients in our skin care

EcoGlo Minerals™ offers you the best antioxidant toners, cleansers, and moisturizers as well asacne control cleansers, and other specialized face treatments! Along with our skin care, we offer theFaceGenie® exclusively through our website. The FaceGenie® is the most advanced non-surgical face lift technology available today.

Makeup kits, brush kits, sample packs, and specialized brushes

Save money by buying a makeup kit – in 3-piece or 5-piece. Sample our mineral makeup and colors by buying a sample pack before purchasing full-sized items! From concealer to kabuki to eyeshadow brushes – we have it all!


Kaolin Clay
Pure, white clay mineral is great for those with oily skin as it absorbs 1 1/2 times its weight, thus making history of that T-zone or keeping sweat at bay in humid temperatures. It is also equipped with light-diffusing properties that soften the look of unwanted fine lines and wrinkles.

Zinc Oxide
A natural element that is insoluble in water, which makes poolside application possible. A great sunscreen protector that shields skin from harmful UVA and UVB exposure as it is one of the active ingredients in OTC sunscreens, as well as sold as an exclusive sunscreen (white zinc sunscreen creams). It also exhibits anti-bacterial properties and anti-inflammatory qualities and is the active ingredient in OTC healing balms such as A&D Ointment and diaper rash creams.

Naturally sourced, crushed minerals that are opalescent, shimmering or matte and accented with a gorgeous luster. Mica is available in numerous shades and is common in most cosmetic products.

Iron Oxide
Used in mineral makeup to create desired pigments, especially for products that offer various skin tone ranges. Iron Oxide is non-toxic, moisture resistant and prevents mineral makeup from bleeding.

Titanium Dioxide
The highest light reflecting substance on planet earth second only to diamonds. Oil and water soluble ultra-pure powder results in a natural finish. It functions mainly as a white pigment with high refractive properties that shield skin from harmful UV rays and resists discoloration of the skin. Titanium Dioxide is the active ingredient in OTC sunscreen.

It feels silky to the touch and reflects light, reducing the appearance of pores and wrinkles. Sericite does not irritate skin.

WE DO NOT USE THE FOLLOWING INGREDIENTS: NO Bismuth Oxychloride: It is a known skin irritant, and people with a sensitivity may suffer breakouts, itching or skin irritations.

NO Talc: Talc not only can clog pores but may be a cancer-causing agent.

NO Rice Powder: As a food-derivative, may cause bacterial growth and cause skin irritations.

NO Manganese Violet: It is a metal: people with allergies or a sensitivity to metals or oils report rashes and skin irritations.

NO Cornstarch (Zea Mays): As a food-derivative, may cause bacterial growth and cause skin irritations.

NO Carmine: Provides red pigmentation to mineral cosmetics. Although natural, this is an animal by-product – made from boiled and ground beetle carcasses.

NO Chromium: Adds color to mineral cosmetics. It is artificial and a known skin irritant.

NO FD&C Dyes: Synthetic colorants believed to be cancer-causing agents.

NO Parabens: They are rumored to be toxic. May cause allergic reaction and skin rashes.

NO Ferric ferrocyanide

NO Nanoparticles or micronized minerals


Kit Options: $70, $140, $280 (click to view kits)
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